Future hope


Young boy from our breeding K. Hunting For The Glory "Viljo" has started his show career with a lot of promise.

His first show was at Tampere double shows 25-26.11. He had just turned 9 months a week earlier. 

First day it was a national all breed show where Tamas Jakkel judged 27 ess. 

Viljo won junior class of 4 and went all the way winning BEST MALE over several champions ! He also won his first CC.

Second day it was international show where Siv Sandö judged 26 ess.

This time Viljo won his class again and ended up as BM 4 and won another CC.

So proud of this boy :) Huge congrats to Viljo´s owner Paula Mechelin.







This past weekend he was entered to two winner shows, Nordic & Finnish Winner.

First day he got excellent and was 5/ 15 in junior males.

Second day he was 2/11 with excellent and also BM3 with Res CC. Super achievement in top competition.


7/10/20New international champion
12/7/19Vuolasvirta award
4/14/18Pertunmaa group specialty show 14.4.2018
2/26/18Double IDS at Minsk Belarussia
12/11/17Future hope
10/26/17Sad day
7/24/17Spaniel hunting ability test
7/18/17Springerclub´s Club Show at Odensbacken
6/11/17Mynämäki group specialty
5/10/17Imatra IDS and group shows in april/may

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