4/14/18Pertunmaa group specialty show 14.4.2018
2/26/18Double IDS at Minsk Belarussia
12/11/17Future hope
10/26/17Sad day
7/24/17Spaniel hunting ability test
7/18/17Springerclub´s Club Show at Odensbacken
6/11/17Mynämäki group specialty
5/10/17Imatra IDS and group shows in april/may
4/9/17Vaasa IDS
3/26/17Narva IDS 25.3.2017
3/20/17Riga int shows 18-19.3
2/1/17Kaunas, Lithuania 2 x int shows
12/30/16Super year 2016!
12/13/16Winner shows in Sweden and Finland
10/30/16Lahti international show
9/17/16Vantaa all breed puppy show
9/10/16New CC winner
9/3/16Riihimäki IDS
8/9/16Druskininkai int shows 5-7.8.2016
7/16/16Orivesi all breed show
6/13/16Latvian winner show and Luige Estonia
5/29/16Iitti group specialty
5/25/16Cora SPA 1 !
5/25/16Helsinki IDS
4/24/16Kouvola group specialty
3/28/16Puppies are here!
3/27/16Imatra ids
3/20/16Super day at Jämijärvi!
3/5/16Kouvola all breed puppy show
3/1/16Minsk, Belarussia 27 & 28.2
2/26/16Hulda is in whelp!
2/13/16Lahti all breed puppy show
2/1/16Hulda´s mating
1/19/16Start of the show year in Finland
12/8/15Winner shows
11/23/15Diva BIS 4 veteran at Jyväskylä international show!
11/9/15Helsinki all breed puppy show 7.11.2015
10/26/15Seinäjoki international show 24.10.2015
10/4/15Tuulos group specialty 3.10.2015
9/9/15Puppies are here!
8/24/15Super health results!
8/3/15Two new champions!
8/2/15Vesilahti group show 1.8.2015
6/30/15Tuusula all breed show
6/13/15Iitti group specialty
6/7/15Nemo became Finnish Tracking Champion!
6/1/15Brandy became Norwegian Tracking champion!
5/31/15Mänttä all breed show
5/24/15Helsinki Int. show 24.5.2015
5/11/15Sipoo group specialty show
4/18/15Tallinn Winner 2015
4/6/15Annual Easter show at Imatra
3/30/15Turku int 29.3.2015
3/22/15Jämijärvi group show 21.3.2015
3/10/15Crufts 2015
2/10/15Virolahti group show 7.2
1/26/15Turku int show 24.1
1/12/15Helsinki puppy show 10.1
12/10/14Super weekend at Helsinki int shows!
11/20/14Lilleström Norway 14-15.11
11/9/14Helsinki puppy show 8.11.2014
10/26/14Lahti puppy show
9/14/14Porvoo nat. all breed show 13.9.2014
9/10/14Amazing day at Helsinki all breed show 6.9.2014
8/26/14Kouvola & Heinola all breed shows
8/18/14News, news, news
5/5/14Super weekend!
4/27/14Vaasa international show 27.4.2014
4/20/14Loviisa group show
4/19/14Imatra international show
4/18/14Amy´s puppies are here
4/12/14Pertunmaa group show
4/8/14First CC winner for C- litter!
4/1/14Rakvere double shows 29-30.3.2014
3/24/14Latvian winner show
3/17/14We´ll have puppies!!
2/24/14Jyväskylä int
2/17/14Amy is mated with Zeneck
1/20/14Turku international show 19.1.2014
1/14/14Tartu national show 11-12.1.2014
12/24/13Merry Christmas!
12/15/13Aron wins Top Show ESS 2013!
10/15/13Valmiera, Latvia 12-13.10
10/7/13Hämeenlinna group show 6.10
9/23/13Hämeenlinna puppy shows 21-22.9
9/22/13Hyvinkää group specialty
9/14/13Porvoo All Breed Show 14.9.2013
9/10/13Minsk Belarussia 7-8.9.2013
8/31/13Helsinki puppy show 31.8.2013
8/18/13Heinola all breed show
8/3/13Iisalmi international show
7/30/13Summer holiday trip to Split, Croatia
7/14/13New Finnish Champion!
7/9/13Pärnu 2 x int shows 6-7.7
6/17/13First International Champion to our breeding!
6/10/13Karkku springer specialty show 9.6
5/26/13Kuopio int show 26.5.2013
5/18/13Koria group specialty show 18.5
5/12/13Hamina int show
5/11/13Helsinki Int. show 11.5

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