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Vuolasvirta award 2019

We were awarded Vuolasvirta- award from Finnish Kennel Club. The award ceremony was held at Helsinki Winner show. This award is for merited breeding and is the highest award form Finnish kennel Club for breeders.

Very happy and proud about this and could not have achieved this without our super puppy owners.

A breeder must have bred at least 10 litters to be eligeble for this award. Then you must get the amount of points of how many puppies you have in 10 litters.

At least 40 % of those 10 litter´s dogs must have a show result of very good or have a results from the hunting test or spaniel hunting ability test.

First litter counted must be born at least 5 years ago but not later than 15 years ago.

At least 50 % of dogs mentioned in aplication must have one parent from your own breeding. You must use at least 10 dogs in the aplication. Dogs will get points for shows and working merits.

We have bred only just 10 litters with 80 puppies in them.  So we needed 80 points and out of 10 dogs we used in aplication we got total 104 point. Second generation points totaled to 73.