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(c)  Nutrolin / Jenni Liukkonen


We are twin sisters and we are currently living in countryside near Porvoo.There is a lot of land for dogs to run around and they also enjoy daily walks in the woods.

Olemme identtisiä kaksosia ja asumme lähellä Porvoota maaseudulla.Koirat ovat perheenjäseniämme ja ovat mukana kaikissa touhuissa.Koirat pääsevät päivittäin lenkillä juoksemaan vapaasti joko metsässä tai sitten hiljaisilla metsäteillä :)


We also have a lake so dogs can go swimming:)


Our dogs live as our family members and our main hobby is to go to dog shows with them.Occasionally we also take part in tracking excercises and trials and train some agility.

Koska asumme järven rannalla , koiramme oppivat uimaan hyvin nuorena.Yleensä totutamme pennutkin veteen jos ovat syntyneet sopivaan vuodenaikaan :)

Pääasiassa harrastamme näyttelyitä , mutta teemme koirille myös verijälkiä metsään omaksi iloksi ja ajan salliessa olemme myös osallistuneet mejä kokeisiin.



We are both restaurant chefs by education and Nappi has also trained as a pastry chef. We both work at restaurant business.

We are members of Finnish Kennel Club as well as our breed club ,Springerspaniel Club of Finland .Nappi is a member of  Springerclub´s breeding committee from the beginning of  2018.

We also have memberships in several other local spaniel club´s and SUKOKA , Finnish Dog Breeder´s Club.

Nappi has graduated from Finnish Dog Breeder´s Club "Breeding Academy" .

We had english springer spaniels in our home when we were child and by the time we moved to our own we had decided to get a dog of our own.

So we started searching for a kennel who had puppies that time and we found kennel Wildomar´s .They had only one puppy left and so we got our first own springer who really got us into the dog and show world!




 When Wilma was 3 we started thinking about having a new dog, one to really start going to shows with:)

Kennel Wildomar´s had a litter where the sire was very succesfull dog from U.K from kennel Mompesson and Sanna was looking for a co-owners for the most promising bitch.


So Diva moved to our family and she has definitely taken her place in our hearts! She is such a lively, happy and eager to please.She has also taken our enthusiasm to dog shows onto next level! She has so far achieved in shows far more than we ever expected.Thank you Sanna for your friendship and for both of our wonderfull girls!

 We got our kennel name "Kahdensiskon" in november 2009.Name means "two sister´s" so we think it´s very suitable for us:)

Right now we have five springers in our home.Our two ladies were joined by a boy from Norway, Zelini´s Premier League "Casper".We had been thinking for a long time to get a male springer also and when we had the opportunity and saw those beautifull puppies at kennel Zelini´s that was it:) Casper moved to Finland in september 2010.

We also kept home a puppy girl from our first litter born in november 2010, Kahdensiskon Adore Me " Amy".She is now also a mother herself as she had her first litter in march 2013. A sweet puppygirl, Cora stayed home from that litter. Amy has had two more lovely litters and also Cora has her first litter fall 2015. At home stayed Cora´s daughter Essi.


In future we are planning to continue on the wonderfull world of dog activities and breed maybe a litter in a year.We want only to have litters that we think will bring something new and exciting to our kennel.

So far our breeding has been very well health checked with super results. We want to thank active puppy buyers for that :)