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C.I.B,FI CH,RU CH, LT CH  BH ,TK1 ,RTK1 Kahdensiskon Catch My Drift "Nuppu"

(Mompesson Escourt x Kahdensiskon Adore Me)


Liver-white-tan bitchNuppu_3_v_5_kk.jpg

Born: 23.3.2013


Hips: A/A

Eyes: Ok

Owner: Heini Pesonen(kennel Korpitassun) Liperi

 Merits: 5 x CC, 1x BOB,  3 x BOS, 1 x Cacib

BOB puppy

2 x 1 st prize in obedience test novice class

1st prize in open class tracking

accepted result in  Rally obedience novice class 

Passed spaniel hunting ability test (SPA1)                                    

                                                                                                                                                                3,5 years


Nuppu lives with Heini and her family in Joensuu.She also has some dog friends in the family.Her hobbies are obedience training, some hunting training and shows. Maybe some agility also in the future.Nuppu has two  litters at Kennel Korpitassun.


15 months


12.10.2014 when  Nuppu won 1 st prize at obedience test


8 months


 8 months


                                                                                              8 weeks


                                                                                                        6 weeks